Fuck growing up.
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hello all,

I started this blog a few months back, but do to time constraints and laziness, i do not have the commitment needed to allow n3rd bon3r to reach it’s full potential.

I can no longer let it suffer for my short comings.

Think you’re up for it?

Send me a message as to why you think you deserve to run N3rdBon3r and the winner will get the keys!

This picked up a good share of followers real quick back when it was active.

Check out the blog and let me know that you can take it over and show it care!


Support Indie Comics - Help Make Carolina Cobalt


Please check out our kickstarter page and help make this comic happen. We only have 20 days left to meet our goal.

You be thinking “will my few dollars really help?” and the answer is, yes! Every pledge, even small pledges, add up and will help make Carolina Cobalt’s adventures come to life.

Everyone that pledges support to our project will get something in return, from PDF copies of the first issue, to original art and sketches! Check it out!

Click the title to this entry or follow the link here:

- Adam

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This is my friend’s attempt at getting his very own comic off the ground. If you enjoy the arts, comics, dreams, or me! reblog this and help my dude out here. 

and go donate! even $5 would help a ton for him! 


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She really is.


Tumblr artist Erwin Haya’s trio of childhood heroes (Frog, Link and Leonardo) team up to end the likes of evil once and for all.
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Trio of Awesome by  Erwin Haya (Tumblr) (deviantART) (Facebook)
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Opaque  by  andbamnan